Hi, we are Jane Hawley and Birte Heinecke and we are looking forward to host and guide the Movement Fundamentals Coalescence 2019 together. We have been hosting the MFC 2018 in Decorah, Iowa where we decided to take this exciting new step to share the Movement Fundamentals Paradigm with our peers in Europe.

Jane Hawley took her first dance steps on a farm in rural Iowa. Inspired by the world around her, she has spent her career exploring movement fueled by a desire to heal and lift up those around her. This exploration led to the creation of Movement Fundamentals: Liberating Practices for the Dance Artist | Moving in Life and Art, an experiential curriculum and work of scholarship. Jane is Professor for Dance at Luther College, Iowa.

Birte explores the intersection of dance and education by researching the interplay of aesthetic practice and learning. She lives, moves and teaches in Hannover, Germany. While studying for her MA in Performance Studies at the University of Hamburg, she came to Luther College for an internship with Jane and the Movement Fundamentals and since kept investigating the Curriculum.

Birte keeps widening her field in dance, music and theatre in disciplines such as Contact Improvisation, Axis Syllabus, Soundpainting, Solmization. She works as a freelance artist and teacher in lower-saxony, Germany.